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Please note: PBTOne users can now lodge claims directly through PBTOne

The online Claim Application Form helps you meet the Group’s requirements that all claims for damage be lodged within seven (7) days of delivery and for loss within fourteen (14) days of despatch. Please note that claims will only be accepted from the freight payer (PBT account holder).

To lodge your claim application, complete the form below and click on ‘Continue’. Your details will be verified. You will then be asked to print the form before confirming your application by clicking ‘Confirm’.

An email will be sent to you from our Claims Team confirming receipt of your proforma to claim. Once received, the ticket/consignment will be endorsed. To process the claim application we require you to supply other supporting documentation detailed in the Claim Application Process and form below. Please supply this within 30 days of despatch of your freight to avoid your claim being declined as Out of Time (OOT).


Details of Claimant (Claims will only be accepted from the freight payer)
Details of Claim
I declare to the best of my knowledge, that the details given on this form are true and correct.
Upload supporting documentation (maximum of five files) Valid types are (PDF, TIF, JPG, GIF, Excel and Word formats only accepted. 2MB maximum total file size allowed)
Claim Application checklist (to be completed to process your claim application)

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